Be Careful

Dangerous Book for BoysI think I grew up being told to be careful too much as a kid. For several reasons my parents simply didn’t want me to get hurt. I don’t think it was any kind of massive flaw in their parenting but I do think it had some unintended outcomes in my life. I had to teach myself to take risks. By nature, I am not a very risky person and often feel uncomfortable in situations in which it is not visibly obvious.

Desperately, I want to build a spirit in my children that perseveres and is resilient to struggles that many other kids will face. How do I build that? I encourage them to take risks, it is that simple to me. Of course there are times when they need to be careful. However, I would rather watch them fail and learn how to overcome that failure than completely avoid the situation because it was intimidating. Ever read the book The Dangerous Book for Boys? You need to. It is worth reading for kids of all ages. Essentially it talks about famous men in history, stories about battles, and how to build a fort. Pretty awesome. Do we know how to live dangerously? I don’t mean dangerous like get out on the interstate and see how fast your vehicle can go, that’s stupid. What I do mean is, are you more prone to attack a problem or avoid it because in it exists the possibility of failure, frustration, or embarrassment? You could easily connect a strong parallel to Christians.

Our church leadership models this principle well. Personally, I enjoy the amount of risks I see taken by our leaders. As we try to grow into a permanent church body, some of that is definitely necessary. In 2 Thessalonians, the Bible tells us (3:13) to not grow weary in doing good. God wants to build perseverance and resilience is us. He can’t do that if we don’t take risks.

Jonathan Atchley