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So many people in our city try to live life unconnected and alone. CityGroups help us break that pattern by promoting a gracious (yet messy) community. This is how we want to love people.

We care for each other, pray together, discuss the Bible, serve our city and invite people into our homes and lives.

All are welcome to our CityGroups. Some have never read the Bible and some read it every day. We’ve prayed for deep and personal things in personal lives, and just shared updates on how we’re doing and what’s going on. We’ve celebrated engagements, mourned breakups, visited schools and hospitals and babysat kids. No one has to have “arrived” in order to come – we’re walking together in all of life with Jesus. We are telling our stories of rescue as they are happening.

Our CityGroups meet throughout the week and throughout the city. We take a break during the summer months and start meeting in September.lS9ta8MYiArZxFLy6-8XSRM8zIzmcwPiPnlF1HIP1K8

2014-15 CityGroups meet:


Meetings at the church after church   Koiners-Burkes , Noon, (2nd and 4th Sundays) (

Norman   Thomas, 6pm (


East Norman   Wilkins-Wedel, 6:30pm, includes dinner (


Moore   Spears, 6:30pm (

Shepherd   Johnson-Purkaple, 6:30pm (

West Norman    Stegers-Browns, 6:30pm,  (


NEOKC/Edmond   O’Kresik-Dunham, 6:30pm (

Heritage Hills   McClintock-Serven, 7pm (


Cleveland   Gilson-Teeslink, 7pm (

Lincoln Terrace   Griffith-Buxton, 7pm (2nd and 4th Thursdays) (

SW OKC   Berryman, 7pm (,


You’re more than welcome to come to City Pres and not join anything. We’d hate for you to do that. Honestly, you’ll be missing out. We don’t think you can really and truly experience our church unless you get involved. So we hope you’ll keep track of what we’re doing and come when you can. It’s always tough to start, but we’re with you and for you!


We don’t think anyone has to do everything, but we do hope you’ll start to do some things. We have a lot going on, and that’s because we value the community that builds and grows through meals together, serving together, gathering together, laughing and crying together, celebrating together, and just the shared experiences that none of us can exactly account for.


Interested in more information, or in finding one near you? Email Sandy: