Come Thou Long Awaited Immanuel

The Annunciation PostcardCome Thou Long Awaited Immanuel has become one of our favorite hymns to sing during the Advent Season. Watch this video of when we did it the first time back in 2011 in the Sandridge Auditorium.

How awaited and expected was Jesus? People hoped for him and awaited his arrival, and yet they certainly didn’t expect him to come the way he did. They didn’t expect him to do the things he did. Or die the way he did. And even though they were told, his resurrection was unexpected.

In our Advent Season this year, we’ve been looking at the five women who show up in the lineage of Jesus. They’re unexpected! You might be familiar with their names, but perhaps not all their stories. No self-respecting Jew would have thought these women would be included in the history of God’s Son. How could God let that happen? How could Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba make it into the kingdom? Four outsiders. Four pagans. Four women with poor reputations. Four women who courageously bear the children that bring us to Jesus.

God’s ways are unexpected even if they are awaited. They were then and they may still be. God’s still bringing people into his family, into his house in unusual places and ways. He’s not always working in the way we think he is. He’s often working with big ol’ sinners like me. Like Tamar. Like Rahab. May I have faith to see, to grasp his goodness for me, to believe in his promises enough to act like these women of faith and action.

Doug in library