New Members

Membership is an important part of being involved in a church. You have the opportunity to make a commitment and a vow that these are your people and that you’re connected in a real way.

It’s the hope we have to offer the nations. We’re not offeringNo one has to be a member of City Pres. You are welcome to come as long as you’d like. We do want you to eventually become members somewhere, and we’ll encourage you to make some church your home in this way. We can suggest other churches that might be a better fit for you if City Pres isn’t working or isn’t best.

The only actual real requirement is that you believe in and walk with Jesus. All of our members need to be able to talk about that abiding faith. The rest of our membership deals with what we think it’s best for you to know about living out that faith in our specific church so you know what you’re getting into, what is expected of you and how we do things around here. City Pres Pic

A few times a year we have a New Members Class where we gather to talk about the lessons to make sure we’re on the same page. You can find out about these classes on The City and on our Facebook page. Attending a class doesn’t obligate you in any way to join the church. Everyone attending the class needs to download the pdf that follows and watch each of the videos before we meet together.

New Members Orientation Classes

New Member’s Packet PDF

Lesson 1 – What We’re All About

Lesson 2 – Loving God Part 1

Lesson 3 – Loving God Part 2

Lesson 4 – Loving People

Lesson 5 – Loving The City

Lesson 6 – What Ministry Looks Like

Lesson 7 – Being Presbyterian!

Lesson 8 – Worshipping Together