Embracing the Suck Again

I spent the morning in a presbytery meeting in Dallas – super fun times! It’s important work that needs to get done, and it’s made the better to get to meet with and catch up with friends from around the region. We pray, we listen, we joke around, we hear reports, we vote and make decisions – woohoo!

I headed back up to OKC that afternoon immersed in my thoughts and prayers. I laid down for a quick nap.

Then I showed up for a workout with the City Pres fellas. Bobby has joined a gym in town so we met there. Our idea for this perhaps strangely named men’s retreat comes from a military term that reminds recruits that things don’t get better by giving up. It’s going to suck and be tough. So just go with it. We do difficult things all the time. The good news is that we’re in it together and it will probably be over soon.

Men struggle with family, faith, finances and fitness. (I’m not saying that women don’t). We get discouraged. We’re so often failures. We have our strategies to try to make it, to keep up appearances to the other men around us, to let the women take the lead since we all know they’re most often better equipped. We give up and give over.

Our retreat reminds us that we’re not at all just trying to fix this. We don’t have all the answers, so let’s walk into the suck together. Whether you’re getting an A or and F in any part of life, we can have each other’s backs. We can remind each other that none of us are alone. We can admit we’re out of shape, out of breath, out of energy, out of motivation, out of cash. We’re full of lactic acid, fat cells, debt, doubt, lust and laziness.

But tomorrow is a new day. We can cheer each other on to get up again since the rooster crows at dawn. We can call and text each other. We can celebrate in tiny victories, and cry when we mess up.

Embracing the Suck doesn’t mean we’re stuck where we are. It means there is hope and healing. We walk with a Savior who has embraced it all and given us new life, resurrection, in himself. That’s good news.