Hide, Here Comes The Bride

images-1Jesus is a person. We know that, or at least we believe that, although we don’t fully understand how he can be both God and man.

One of the images or metaphors Jesus uses for the church is that we are his bride. Again, I don’t fully understand that either since I’ve never been a bride. I have heard and I believe that that is a picture of extreme intimacy, joy and beauty, along with also incredible heartache, pain and suffering.

If the church is the bride, then the metaphorical we are also a person and that carries a lot of weigh and importance, but also frailty and damage. We are brides dressed in white on our wedding day. We’ve been to the beauty parlor and taken the time to gussy up. We’ve shaved our legs, put on deodorant and everything has been focused on this day. It’s the day we take our vows. I’s the day everything is supposed to be perfect. It’s the day we’ve obsessed about for months and years. Yes, we understand that we don’t deserve to be there, but we’ve been chosen! I’m his and he’s mine! And this is a feast and a party and we await the consummation ever more.

But today I was thinking about how brides aren’t always like that day. Since I’ve been a campus minister, I’ve been around nearly 50 brides on their wedding day. Most are incredibly happy. Most have a wonderful perspective. Most have supportive families. All of them look beautiful.

But there are some wives/brides that I just honestly don’t like. Some spouses seem like mismatches. You have this incredible person – and he married her?! She married him? How can that be? She’s become a slob. She’s a nag. She’s a bore. She’s a b. She’s a prude. Why is he still married to her?

I wonder about the church so many times. How can we not be a huge disappointment to Jesus? How can he stand his bride?

He says he loves her. He loves us. That is an incredible picture for us as the church to cling to and try to redeem and fulfill in all the fullness Christ has for us.

Headshot 2 Nicole Hager