Like a Good ‘Ole Western

by Jonathan Atchley

I love Western movies. When one comes out, I don’t rush to the theatre to see it, but I definitely retain the ability to watch the good ones countless times. To me, it has been several years since any good ones have really come out. For that reason, movies like Tombstone really stick out.

When I am watching Tombstone and other movies like that, I always enjoy the toughness, arrogance, and pride exhibited in the characters. From the way they make it look, it may have been hard to survive without maintaining a certain amount of each of those qualities. John Wayne carried that pride the best. I remember as a kid thinking he was the toughest man ever, just because of the way he portrayed his toughness.

Strangely enough, I struggle with some of the same elements of arrogance and pride exhibited in such movies. The difference is, I am not using those qualities to win a gunfight, I am using them to damage relationships, lose perspective, and in general, fail.

I have to consciously think before I make decisions to avoid the negative influence my sinful nature can have on my behavior. Kinda makes me sound like a child doesn’t it? That’s because as adults, we do, we act like children. It is one big cycle of the same, or similar stuff for the rest of your life. The difference is, your mom isn’t there to tell you to stop and you are dealing with larger repercussions.

That’s what I love about rescue. God has rescued me from my stubborn, sinful self more in the last year than He has my entire life. It’s also why I love real, honest discussion at church. The Seven Deadly Sins? Yeah, we really talked about that, in church, with transparency from our pastor. Did you reflect on your personal self and sin nature? I did.

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