Marry Mountain

10 years of rock settling.
Crumbling, hot, hard rock falling into place in a way that’s any way but gentle. It’s awkward and noisy and painful. Big chunks fall in deeper, settling for winter and small rocks trickle down after they fill in irregular cracks where water could skip through.

Marriage feels like these rocks sometimes. Dismembering an existing statue to create room for another fully developed piece into a space that’s only meant for one. You give and take away, give and take away. Chisel off something sticking out so it can fit better. Clank, clank and off falls a large piece along natural lines of fault. Some pieces are removed in unnatural ways- with fire, set ablaze or a slow drip wearing down the face of the rock, causing it to give in from exhaustion, raw and weak and defeated.

It takes time for these rocks to settle. They soften and then they harden to give way, make room. They can’t help but be present, exist; take up all the space, demand a seat in the place meant for one. Some try to shrink to invisibility, some try to run away, but it’s futile. You fit as best you can together and it’s uncomfortable even painful- it’s the best you can do on your own.

Then you wait through the night, and a gentle rain comes and helps settle deeper. Everything’s more snug and natural. What was once feeling suffocating and crammed, now feels like a life jacket, keeping you afloat.  The goal is to adhere, to take two huge jutting, proud rocks and mold them into one beautifully carved statue. The rain makes the sand and grit fall away and creates a seal. It forms a propolis binding the bulky boulders  together. It smoothes the rough, cutting edges into something nice to hold onto. The dust is washed away and out come the unique colors from the stone. It’s hard to believe these two independent pieces are better as one. Their unification reveals their utmost beauty, exceeding any attempted display of elegance apart. In the process, they’ve lost parts of themselves- some torn away and others voluntarily surrendered. They’ve given parts in order to hold the other up. Out of humility something wondrous is made. Buttresses and exposed edges form-fitted to create a mountain so holy. All to set a flag at the summit stating its allegiance.

Juice Graves