On Planned Parenthood and the Grace of God

I haven’t written about abortion before, at least not that I can remember. I’m sorry about that. I know people aren’t waiting for every word I put out or expecting me to speak on every issue, but I feel I should say something about this.

This recent news with the hidden videos being released wherein PP officials discuss the selling of baby parts and their prices is appalling to a certain degree. It certainly is appalling. It’s atrocious. It’s evil. It’s disgusting. I say “to a certain degree” because it doesn’t seem like new information or an especially surprising new aspect of this. However, it is new that it’s been caught on tape from the mouths of PP officials.

I’m sure many didn’t know that it’s happening. But how could we not?! What did you/we think was happening in these mid-term and late-term abortions? You did know these procedures are how they get out a baby, didn’t you? They have to kill the baby first and then remove it. That’s true for any abortion. There is a live, real person in there. It’s a person with a soul. It’s most often a person with a heart-beat (that develops starting in the third week after conception).

The church has always taught that life begins at conception. We do have much to apologize for – we have not always treated women well, though sometimes we have. We have not always loved children no matter what or how they were born, though many times Christians were the only ones to love and raise them. We have not always cared for those who were physically or emotionally sick, though it was the church that started hospitals and orphanages. We can apologize for our lack of care, mercy and love. And can – we must – do better.

We have work to do. We should be angry. We should be outraged. We should weep and mourn. Our hearts should be broken. We should care about these children and these mothers with our deepest hearts.

I hope that people inside and outside of the church will see it and weep. Indeed there are many tragic situations involved in these situations. We need to care for those and have compassionate, practical help. But there is also bound up in this tremendous and inherent racism, class issues, poverty and segregation. There has to be better ways to help than killing. There has to be better ways to care than killing. There has to be better ways to nurture than killing. There has to be more ways to learn than either experiencing or shocking. What are those ways?

God loves these babies. He also loves these mothers. He also loves the fathers. He also grieves, and we should too. He does forgive and that is good news. And we can repent and change.

If you live in Oklahoma City, I don’t want you to bomb the clinic or resort to any violence. I don’t think picketing the clinic will help either. You can pray. You can help. You can foster and adopt. You can support those who need help. We can be involved in people’s lives who might or would or could be in trouble and need to get an abortion if that’s all they knew to do. We can listen to those who are considering it or who have already gone through with it. We can sit and cry with them in love and mercy.

You can also research and get involved in Crossroads Clinic in 23rd Street. You could talk to my friend Terry Morris there. They need your help. They’re doing a great work.

May we work with God to change this. May his grace and mercy abound more and more.