Open House Open Heart

1455947_10101831905922737_2055375948_nYesterday (Sunday November 10th), we opened the new building to show everyone just what we’ve been up to. For most, this was the first chance to see inside. About 150 came to take the tour. We had a moon bounce, coffee and donuts and Jimmy John’s sandwiches for afterwards. We broke into three groups so we could manage the tour correctly. We all ended up in the sanctuary to talk, pray and sing. What a day!

Doing something like this takes a ton of work. Laura and I planned for hours and hours so we could present our project in the best way. Bobby and Brian have spent dozens of hours preparing for the closing day on November 1. Many others have put in hours to get us to this point. It’s a little overwhelming to think about what is still left to do – painting, patching, cleaning, building, preparing, hosting. We need a sound system, chairs, bookshelves, a welcome area, a nursery space…

Sometimes I wonder how in the world it will get done. I worry about burning everyone out. I worry about not having enough money. I worry we’ve over-extended ourselves.

Then I remember that God actually does love me. He loves City Pres. He wants our best. And he has already provided! We have so much to be thankful for, so much to rejoice in. It’s truly extraordinary already.

And I remember that “Thy Mercy My God is the Theme Of My Song.” My theme song is already mercy. It’s not hard work or over preparation or being good enough. It’s mercy. God shows his mercies anew every morning. He did today. He will tomorrow. We’re not trusting in this building for our salvation or that of our church. It’s a blessing where we can show others that Jesus is more believable and beautiful than they – or I – ever thought. That’s good news.Headshot 2 Nicole Hager