PCA General Assembly 2017

Our denomination held it’s annual General Assembly mid June 2017 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

GA is a weird thing. It’s really a sweet thing to get to see friends and hang out and laugh together as well as meet new ones. Ouruf students and their wives. Ouruf students and their husbands. The business of the church is really important and also exhausting and it can be exasperating. There are long days, long meetings. We try to give others time and respect it that means we have to sit through long discussions and arguments and different views of what we want the church to be and do.

I was elected as the chairman of the administrative committee of commissioners. That means I moderated a meeting of 30 men who are tasked with reviewing minutes, budgets, audits, and other recommendations before the committee. I also then present those before the general assembly. I did part one this morning and will do part two… sometime. These are things I’ve never done before and never thought I’d ever do. I actually instinctively thought to decline but I want to serve the church and try new things and be courageous. The PCA uses Robert’s Rules of Order, which is helpful in many ways and makes things mostly fair but it can be so tedious and our sinfulness can manipulate the system. You can watch my report, which I have late on Thursday night here at the 1:20 mark.

We elected our first ever person of color as our moderator (this is our 45th assembly). He is Alexander Jun, a professor and elder in California. He’s Korean American. He’s also a friend and contributes a chapter in the heal us book. This is so amazing and important! I’m hopeful that we’ll elect our first black moderator next year.

We’re doing good work. Our denomination is getting better. It’s also a crazy crazy family. Weird uncles. Hard right and far left at the same reunion trying to talk and get something done. Debates. Tears. Fights. And hugs.

I want you to be encouraged. God is at work. The last two days of ga worship have been the best two I’ve ever been at. I’d encourage you to Google the live cast for the 45th PCA GA and watch. The music has been amazing. Here is Tuesday night. Here is Wednesday night. The preaching is on point (George Robertson was my seminary professor of homeletics and Irwyn Ince my crossfitting friend who wrote s chapter in heal us). We have sung in Spanish and Korean. I have wept and been encouraged after long days of work. I have been convicted of my sin, pride, and cynicism. I have been encouraged in life, salvation, hope and most of all the good news that God saves sinners in Jesus.

Most of all I want you to know how thankful for our church, City Pres. I know we’re to boast only in Christ but I have to admit I also boast on them. I think it is the best church in the PCA and in OKC. I’m so proud of and thankful. Jesus at work in our church!! He’s knitting us to himself but also to each other. He’s bringing us to his family. He’s bringing his kingdom come. May it continue.

Thank you that I get to be your brother, son, father, uncle, fellow pilgrim, and one of your pastors.

Please pray.

Ps – I also wore a tiger tank top for a few hours and am only a tiny bit sorry.