Promoting Church?

imagesI love City Pres. I love our church and its people, our direction and mission. I love getting to work with Bobby and our other incredible staff. We have called and competent volunteer help. We’re growing and expanding, and it’s thrilling to be a part of something so alive. My wife Julie loves going to church, and that’s huge. My family feels the same way.

I’m a big promoter of City Pres.

Now – before you say, “Of course you are” you need to realize that we don’t all like the things we do. Right? We often feel like we have to do them out of obligation or duty. Or we like some of it, but not all of it. We’re sheepish to tell others. We’re reluctant to advocate.

There are thousands of pastors out there that don’t like their churches. And a ton of people attending those churches that also don’t like their churches. But they keep going. There are reasons to keep going, and many of those are good reasons. Long church histories, thankful ministry over the years, faithful preaching and teaching.

I don’t think we’re all supposed to be excited all the time. However, I do think that we should aim for or move toward liking our thing. We should be somewhere that we want to tell others about. We should be doing activities and events that we’d want others to attend. We should be talking about new thoughts or going to new adventures or challenged to new experiences – so we have something to tell people when they ask us what we did this weekend or week or month or year.

It’s not the constant hype I’m talking about. That wears out. We can’t maintain how awesome everything is all the time. Some things just aren’t awesome. But they can be healthy and good. They can be thought-provoking and interesting. They can be something you’d want to promote.

One of my prayers is that City Pres would be like that. That you’d find Jesus more believable and beautiful there, and you’d instinctively want to invite others to walk with Jesus with you there. IMG_1602