Starved Into Stillness

photo copy 2Part 4 in a blog series about Seasoned Threads.

This next painting is entitled, “Starved into Stillness”.

This painting begins to represent the manifestation of something seen from what has been unseen. It’s a painting of a green heron. I’ve done extensive research on these birds and chosen them for specific reasons. Writing about all those reasons might be cumbersome, but I’m going to share a little and quote a really beautiful book, Wild Comfort written by Kathleen Dean Moore.

Herons aren’t born knowing patience. They have to learn it, as do most of us. The author of this book recounts her experience watching baby herons learn to hunt. When the tide comes in, it brings with it sustenance. These baby herons seem afraid of the water when the first tide comes in. When the second tide comes in, the baby herons are in the water, but still not willing to get their heads wet. The third tide found the herons jabbing at the water, but wildly and without success. But as the fourth tide comes in, the herons are standing still, “starved into stillness.”

“And so the herons learned patience, which may be a lesson in trust: Trust that the tide will move its slow steady way from the cove, and then it will seep in again. You can’t see it come or go, but it comes and goes. You have to trust in this. Eventually, surely, sustenance will come with time, the way the tide comes with time. Open your wings and wait.”

Erin Shaw