the cave


What makes the mind want to run from shelter, flee from its haven?

He has placed me there far from danger
And I am compelled toward the edge , inching closer to run, run off.

Why does flesh crave chaos and resist peace?

Pain and suffering love each other and have no intent to relieve.
Misery and wallow cling tight, draped over tired shoulders, heavy, cold, wet.

Eyes wander in dark, lost, looking for one another
Hands wave through the air, grasping for a handle to leach onto.

Get out of yourself for once.

And the light comes in bright and glorious
It’s coming from within and illuminating that the body is whole and strong.

The mind’s reeled back into the head and finds its seat and is still.
Eyes go from frantic to serene , crystal clear .

Hair comes down , loose and shining, displaying its full beauty.

Rest in the wing of the Lord.