The City Pres “Way”

images-1The St Louis Cardinals are well-known for their excellence in culture from top to bottom. When you join the organization, you receive a 70-page document that outlines the way they do things. It’s The Cardinals Way.

Google is known for the way they do things, and how employees love to work there. Some companies have employee ownership. Zappos has created a culture that works for them and makes their people incredibly happy and fulfilled – they deliver shoes.

As we get started at City Pres, I’m hoping we can create some sort of City Pres Way. We’re starting with a Staff Retreat this week. I’d love to steal away with them to Colorado or even Quartz Mountain, but it’s tough to break out on a weekend, so we’re meeting in town for two nights. You can pray for us as we pray together, get even more on the same page, talk about systems, people, caring for others, supporting each other and what we want to get accomplished for God’s glory. We’ll talk about the gospel and reaching our city for Christ, about the 85% of those who don’t go to church, about kids, about worship, about women, about administration – and about how we can do better in all of those areas.

We may not win a World Series. We may not have the best minor league organization (I’m not sure what that would mean). We may not sign million dollar contracts…

But we want to be our best at loving Jesus and inviting others to join us as we walk with him.

Go Cardinals.