The God of the Impossible

1506709_10101918659617637_900328683_nLast night we did our annual Christmas Offering. This is a special offering where we give in a special way to a few special projects. We’re asking for $50,000! I won’t tell you how much we’ve received yet – there’s still time to give. We’d love to have you join in to help us with our church. You can give online here – select the Christmas Offering tab when you have the chance.

We ask everyone to come up front with their offering and put it in the baskets. Everyone has a red envelope and inside that envelope we have a blank index card. We asked everyone to write out their 2014 impossible prayer requests. These are things you think, “There is no way God could ever do this!”

I have to tell you that God does these things. I have the stack of 2013 prayer requests. Many many of those have been answered already. I think more will be answered.

We’re talking healing. Changed hearts. Restored marriages. Family members coming to faith. Jobs. Debt cancellation. Fertility. Adoption. Marriage. Forgiveness.

Mine last year was that there was no way we could buy this building on 829 NW 13th. That happened! This year I’m thinking about some reconciliation that needs to happen and that people have told me is completely impossible and I shouldn’t even try. Ah, but we serve and follow the God of the Impossible.

Join with us in praying for these impossible things. It moved me to tears – again – to see the participation of our church as we brought both our best gifts and our fearful hopeful poverty to Jesus. He is building his church and his kingdom.

Headshot 2 Nicole Hager