To Learn More

This week, I’m traveling to St. Louis with nearly 20 City Pres friends to attend the New City Network’s Reconciliation and Justice Conference. I attended this last year, and it was a game-changer for me and for us as a church.

I’d been working on these themes for some time. I’d been helping to compile and edit a book. I’d been searching my own heart and soul, trying to incorporate these biblical themes into the fabric of our new, growing church.

It wasn’t magical. There weren’t any bells and whistles. No stunning stages or captivating light shows. We sat in a plain gymnasium with a microphone up front. We sat around round tables. We sang hymns, listened, and then we talked with each other.

Our group visited more in the neighborhood, saw the Freedom School, the tutoring sites, the houses they’d built, the small square where they’d met their first widows, who soon became their friends.

We carried on the conversation at lunch, at dinner, with drinks. We talked about it on the flight home. We kept on talking about it. We still are.

I’m thankful the Lord doesn’t leave us where we are. He keeps teaching us about what’s on his heart. He gives us new experiences and friendships. He brings us into new relationships. I’m hoping, expectant for more this week too.