Unity In OKC


I said yes.

I’d wanted to say no and almost did, but I need to say yes more often when asked, so I did this time. It wasn’t a huge deal, and I wanted to help. I was asked to pray for three minutes for the Arts and Media at a city-wide Unity Prayer Service. No big deal. I can do that.

I thought there would be 100 people. When I arrived, I walked over to the Catholic Church with my friends Randy and Clarence, pastors who were also there to pray. We passed through some of the people gathered (the 100 or so I’d counted on) and were asked to line up in a room. The other pastors and priests were there (I hadn’t realized I was supposed to wear my robe). We waited a bit and then went out together. They lined us up on the street arm in arm to lead the walk from where we were to another church nearby.

My friend Jerry had brought a flag, but it was tricky to hold it, so I held it for him. We couldn’t see how many were behind us marching, but it seemed far more than 100. So we prayed and sang Amazing Grace and walked into First Church together to sit up on the stage.

Then people came in for 30 minutes. First Church filled up with 1000 people, all there to pray and sing together. We sang Holy, Holy, Holy and A Might Fortress Is Our God and They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love. The prayers were incredibly powerful and beautiful. I borrowed a pen and scribbled out some notes and prayed my three minutes the best I could.

You can read all about the night here in Carla Hinton’s article.

All I can say is that I’m glad I said yes! It was encouraging to see 1000 people from our city unified in prayer against evil and for God to shine his light in Christ in our churches and culture.

Doug in library