We Invite Others To Walk With Jesus With Us

A church that leads people into a growing walk with Jesus and helps them give their lives away.

We pray that we’ll be able to reach out and invite people to walk with Jesus with us. Most people don’t do that (walk with God) and they don’t care to. Some are extremely resistant, but most are probably sympathetic yet apathetic. They just don’t see a very real need to walk with Jesus, or they think they already do, or they just haven’t found a place or people to connect with.

Terry’s marriage is falling apart. She’s started wondering if maybe she needs change. She watched Jo’s Marriage S.O.S. series on tv, and she saw herself – a lonely, angry, bitter, nagging woman who has reasons to be like that!

UnknownMike’s parents died. He hadn’t been particularly close, but his world has been rocked. He sat in the funeral and didn’t have anyone around him. He doesn’t have friends.

Steve just moved to town to start a new job. All things are new for him, and he’s wondered if he should get back to church like he used to be growing up. Now might be a good time to find one. He searches the internet for something close by and that he feels like he might enjoy. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for.

Joni met some people who were kind to her in the coffee shop. She was interested in their conversation, and they way they talked about art and culture in an intelligent way. She found out they went to church and that was a little shocking. Church people? Acting this way? She’s intrigued now and wonders when the shoe will drop and she’ll be found out to be who she is, and then she’ll be judged and condemned. So what’s the point?

Do you remember when you first found out about Jesus, when you first were invited to walk with him? Do you know people like Terry, Mike, Steven and Joni? Would you ask them to walk with you and Jesus together?

Headshot 2 Nicole Hager