We want to change the world.

imagesIn our ongoing series through the City Pres mission and vision, Bobby recently preached about this sentence: “We want to change the world.” He used Isaiah 61 to show the comprehensive scope that God’s grace should bring as the kingdom of God spreads and grows. God even uses broken people like you and me.

When we got to the Lord’s Supper, I mentioned the idea of “Think Globally | Act Locally.” One of the people I most admire lately is the founder of Better Block. You really should read about it here. These people hated the blight that had occurred over the years in Dallas especially and wanted to do something about it. They kept making proposals, like so many had done in the past.

But they’d almost always encounter fear. People were afraid that they’d make the wrong choices when tens of millions of dollars were at stake. Politics and agendas got in the way. Committee meetings churned out – nothing. Nothing ever changed.

So they took a different tactic. They started concentrating on just one small block. They didn’t worry about tackling the whole project. They just temporarily changed the block for the weekend. That was it. They’d put in weekend businesses and weekend restaurants and weekend parking and weekend walkways and weekend street vendors. They tried to spend as little money as possible, and the real goal was to have it all donated or repurposed.

People loved it. They flocked to the spot. They had a vision for what could change and what it could be like. And things changed – one block at a time.

Christ has a global impact. He’s changing the world. But sometimes we need to stop what we’re doing and head over to church to be around other people. Stop working for a time. Rest for a few minutes. Sing a song you’re unsure if you exactly believe. Walk up to the front and look the pastor in the eye when he tells you that what you’re holding, tasting, smelling is the body and blood of Christ. Believe for a minute at least that day or week that he cares not just about everyone – but he cares about you. He’s close. He’s there. It’s a resistance and a defiance against the devil and the normal means in the world. It’s a small thing, and it’s a huge thing.

Headshot 2 Nicole Hager