Inviting People to Walk With Us in God’s Story of Rescue

We hope the following will help you more quickly see what makes us City Pres. But the best way to find out about us is to join us in worship on Sunday or visit a CityGroup!

Our Values

Telling Fearless Stories: We speak the truth in love and confess our sin and neediness to one another from our secure, beloved standing in Christ.

Promoting City-Positive Involvement: We seek the welfare of the city in which we live.

Pursuing Prodigal Sons:  We engage the convinced and the doubter, the lost and the found, the hopeful and the hopeless, the Older Brother and the Younger Brother.

Living Better Together:  We strive for a congregation which reflects the multifaceted beauty of God and his people. In order to accomplish this we must intentionally push back against the natural course of comfort and ease found in a community of sameness by pursuing relationships and reconciliation with people who are not like us.

Engaging the Heart and the Mind:  We seek to develop our intellect through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel so that we not only acknowledge our need but are moved by our knowledge to act in compassion to the need around us.

Our Vision

Love God

We Long To Worship God Together 

We Tell Stories of Rescue

We Are Humble Students of Scripture

  • Do I seek to learn more about Jesus in the Bible?

We Celebrate God’s Work and Grieve Brokenness

Love People

We Pray Big Prayers

We Care Well

We Invite Others In

We Live Generously

  • Am I generous with my time and resources?

Love the City

We Work To Change the World

We Share Our Poverty

We Reflect Our City

  • How do I positively participate in the life of the city?

We Throw Good Parties