Baby Feet Heart Worship

UnknownIt’s nearly 8am on Sunday morning. I’m sitting in my office and have watched the sun come up. I like to get here early on Sunday morning to look over my sermon one last time, to work on our Wednesday mailchimp emails and to write out this blog post each week. It helps get me ready for the day, ready to preach, ready to meet and greet people, and ready to worship. I pray for the service and for people. I pray that God will lead us to know and love him in Christ. I pray I won’t mess things up too badly.

Today, I’m thinking about my feet.

I’m not an official spokesman for this product, but if you haven’t tried Baby Feet – you need to get a pair! My dermatologist recommended them to me because my feet have been particularly nasty with built up dead skin. He tells me that skin on the feet especially sticks around even when it’s dead because we wear socks and we pound down on our feet over and over so the skin doesn’t slough off as easily. He suggested I try Baby Feet. Since it’s only $17.99 and since Dr. Wiley has never steered me wrong, I bought a set and tried it out.

I’ll spare you the gorey details, but tell you a little bit. You soak your feet in hot water and then put on these plastic booties for an hour. There’s something inside these, some slime, some goo, some gel. You wear them for an hour and then throw them away and that’s it.

That gel goo slime gets all over your feet and it starts to work it’s crazy nasty magic. Four or five days later, your skin starts to peel off. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s super freaky. It’s also really fascinating to think about how skin works, how many layers of skin you have, how you walk around with all this dead skin on your body, and how you never notice or care.

It’s the time to make things new. 2016. Will you exercise this year? Sign up for Crossfit? Read your Bible? Get your job promotion? Write your book? Eat healthier? Join the bowling league? Learn to cook? Be more generous? Forgive more? Read 12 books? Go back to school?

Maybe you could take the easy, gross Baby Feet step and start by sloughing off the old, dead parts that you didn’t even know were there. You’d have to listen to and agree to someone else who knows more than you do. You’d have to take a few fairly simple steps to put yourself into something you may not like at first. Then you’d have to wait. You’d have to watch. There are active steps and there are passive steps. I promise you’ll see results, and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised. It might happen to you instead of you being in charge.

May these peeling feet help me walk with Jesus today in worship and all throughout this upcoming year.

Doug in library