Come Awake Come Awake – Cockle Doodle Doo

UnknownI’m not sure what the fox says, but I know the rooster calls us awake each and every morning.

I’m seeing more and more awakening in our church, and that is a great and scary thing. Many people aren’t Christians, which is a sad reality. There are some that are, some who have embraced the love of Christ rich and free and understand justification by faith alone – a glorious truth brought to bear in a moment in time in a substitutionary atonement applied to a person by the work of the Holy Spirit regenerating a heart. Yikes – theology! It matters.

But then many Christians stay asleep. They continue to give reign go the Old Self and live defeated, sleepy, enslaved lives. The gospel is there but it’s more caged. It’s not let out to its fullest freedom.

God calls us to come awake. The rooster crows a new morning to each of us today. Wake up!

Waking up often comes through a harsh reality, where the circumstances of our Old Self are brought to bear. It’s a day in court. It’s a conversation where someone confesses her addiction. It’s a broken reality finally hitting home. It’s a physical sickness that won’t get better. It’s a crushed dream. It’s a death.

We most often choose to stay asleep in those times. It’s easier. We don’t want to wake up. We’d rather stay numb (we use many sleeping pills like alcohol, sex, drugs, exercise, busyness, money, really anything) and will do a lot to stay undisturbed.

But God is calling us to awaken. He’s calling us to more. To a fuller life in him. To a more extensive freedom. That’s going to mean more pain not less. It will mean more anger and tears, not fewer. It will mean more frustration and wonder, not less.

Ah, but it will also mean joy is so much sweeter, and freedom is so much freer, and there will be a more extensive far-reaching peace and grace when we taste, touch, smell and experience it. When the fog lifts, we’ll see life in more color, in more texture, in more definition. And that in turn will make us cry more – and hope more.

God is calling us to awaken more as a church, as a people. Theology isn’t all just in our heads. It’s not a series of propositions to nod our heads yes to. It’s a full life in a full savior full of grace and truth, doctrine and justice, meaning and purpose. It’s a new day and God’s calling us to it. Let’s walk with those who are being awakened as we ourselves are also groggily waking up. Good morning.

Headshot 2 Nicole Hager