PYRETICS Youth Group


Our young people need real community. They are busy, they are connected with Facebook and texting and YouTube, but we want to engage with them. They have a story and their story is important!

We want our youth to love God, love people, and love the city. We want them to love the church. We don’t want to always segment them off or communicate that church isn’t for them. We also want them to form great memories of the crazy and great things they did with their friends at church. We want them to be loved and included. We want them to serve and not think that life is all about them every second. We want them to know and love God himself, and not think their parents’ faith is sufficient for them. We want them to believe and grow and flourish into men and women of God.

We organize events and parties throughout the year so the youth can see each other and invite their friends.


For more information, contact Jarod Mason at