Crazy Talk by Julie Serven

[This post is by Julie Serven.]

1517492_762987240386996_1348537357898574810_nEaster evening I asked my 14-year-old son, “So what did you think about worshiping today in the building we asked God to give City Pres?”

My son’s honest answer: “I didn’t really think about it much. And when you used to pray in the car when we passed the building, I thought you were just being crazy like usual.”

He was referring to how when we would drive by the vacant church at 829 NW 13th  (almost daily) I would hold out my hand and say something like, “God, would you please give us that building? There’s no way we can get it unless you make it happen.” I asked for two years that God would give City Pres that building. I knew it was a crazy thing to ask for, but I couldn’t help it.

And look what God did! He answered that crazy impossible prayer! I saw, heard, and touched the answer to that seemingly impossible request on Easter morning 2014. I saw 529 people flow into the space God provided,  and I heard them sing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” I touched the new chairs, smelled the Easter lilies lining the perimeter of the sanctuary, and tasted the goodies at the reception after the service. God was reminding my senses that He had indeed risen from the dead and was alive and well, bringing about God’s kingdom in Oklahoma City.

I’m not saying God gave City Pres the building on NW 13th just because I prayed when I passed by or because Doug did or because of the many other people who did. But I do think God delighted to hear our requests and show that He has power to answer what seems ridiculous and crazy based on the facts.

The God who actually had power to rise from the dead can certainly give a young church a 1-million dollar building. And much more.