Creating Spaces

Here is my personal WHY statement:

I build spaces where people live out their stories of rescue and purpose.

Sometimes these are quite literal spaces. Although I don’t literally build them because I stink at construction projects – I help create them. I love the process of creating these spaces, imagining them, evaluating them. My friend Blair Humphreys has helped me see how important physical spaces are to the quality of people’s lives. Things like walkability, design, accessibility. Jon Dodson’s into this. Ben Sellers. Steve Lackmeyer. I love reading about what’s going on in Oklahoma City and how we can make it a better and better city. I love thinking about how a design can be functional and beautiful so the space not only matches the purpose, but it also helps create what we’re going for. This is what we want for our new building at 829 NW 13th. logo-04

I think time is like this too. Time is a space. The 90 minutes from 5-6:30 on a Sunday during worship becomes a place where people can encounter the living and true God. We’re wanting to do things in a way where Christ can be considered, can be seen as more believable and more beautiful. Where the old and new come together, the ancient and modern support each other in a creative, thoughtful living tension.

Conferences, parties and interactions with people become a place where friendships can be established and explored, where we can reach out to outsiders, where we can encourage each other and see what happens next.

imagesLastly, I also think relationships can be viewed in this way. They’re spaces. They’re places. I love to help someone discover his or her vision and calling, to be set free into a new life of grace and joy, to feel the rush of getting something important and needed done that makes the world a better place.

This sounds like a Lowes or Home Depot commercial, but What can we build together?


Headshot 2 Nicole Hager