Creativity Begets Creativity

Last week I asserted that creativity is inherently a part of our make-up as humans, it’s an integral part of our infrastructure, our DNA, our nature. WE ARE ALL CREATIVE.

I think most of us can agree on that. But maybe we look at our own lives and see a lack of creative expression. Our reality matched with this knowing that God made us to be creative brings guilt or shame or some feeling of inadequacy.  We can get touchy about this topic. It’s because we know its true, but we don’t always embrace it or know how to embody it. Let’s try and look at it from another angle. Let’s try and receive the truth that God has made each of us to exercise creativity and receive it as an invitation rather than a constraint.

Here’s the deal with creativity: it can lay dormant in our lives. It has to be acknowledged and prodded and awoken and exercised. And once that process begins, CREATIVITY BEGETS CREATIVITY.

I have a best friend. I’m beyond blessed and grateful for this friendship for 8,429 reasons which could be a blog series in itself, but for now… This friend is a visual artist and thoroughly understands the creative process, but her creativity is not limited to her studio. When you stop and look at her life, it is vibrant and full, overflowing with things she is enfleshing. She does this with the work of her hands, but also her words and time and affections and interest. It’s almost as if her entire existence is a continual process of creation. When you look at her life, there is an abundance of things (not just physical – we will talk about this next week) that she is bringing out of nothing and into something. And here is (one) thing I have learned from watching this in her life: CREATIVITY BEGETS CREATIVITY.

I used to feel protective of where my creative energy was being spent. Because I am an artist, I felt like I needed to store up any creative thoughts and save them for the studio, but that was before I understood what I am writing about here. CREATIVITY BEGETS CREATIVITY.


Let’s view this as an invitation to acknowledge our profound, yes profound, creativity capacity and this week, let’s nudge that creative capacity a little, let’s shake it from sleep and see what happens. What does not exist in your world today that needs to be present? Is it beauty or hope or does it have some sort of utility? Go and create it!