Get Your Story Straight

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I love teens and young adults. I love my own four and the many others I’ve known over the years. Teens need a guide in coming to understand who they are. To rightly appreciate their own stories, they must also recognize how they fit into God’s larger story.

My friend Kristen Hatton has written a book to help teens know who they are and Whose they are. Get Your Story Straight is a 52-week devotional that invites teens to know God and His story as given to us in the Bible. Then, in that context, they are encouraged to appreciate their place in the world.

Kristen formed this book through her interactions with her daughter’s friends as they studied the Bible together through junior high and high school. She has a deep concern that readers know what is true and the Author and Perfecter of their faith so they may live lives of freedom and truth. Though the content covers deep truths such as justification and sanctification, it is easy to read and asks questions that are meaningful to teens (or really someone of any age).

The structure of the book leads teens to interact with the Scriptures and reflect on them in different ways five days a week. While a teen could go through the book on his or her own, I think it would be most beneficial if there were also a weekly time to share thoughts with others.

This book could be used in all kinds of ways. It would work well for a youth group Bible study, as a before or after school discussion with teens, as a discipleship tool between a mentor and student, as a Facebook group discussion, or as a mother-daughter Sunday afternoon coffee discussion, for starters. I am thinking through how I might use it with Anna at some point.

Basically it would be good anywhere a tool is needed to encourage teens to regular interaction with the Scriptures and to facilitate discussion of who God is, who Jesus is, and why that matters.

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Julie Serven craves shalom for people and places. She enjoys editing, helping people with literacy skills, hearing people’s stories, exploring all things OKC, yoga, NPR, and spending time with her ultracool family.