Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

13315585_10153927003358110_8448378476280104951_nThe Thunder lost to the Warriors in the West Conference Finals. We didn’t make any shots. After being ahed 3-1 in the series, we were right there, so it was tough to take. We’re all a little depressed.


Last week, I went to the Oklahoma River to catch a glimpse of Julie and her dragon boat team. The women practice every week and have a regatta coming up, but I hadn’t been able to see them yet. They were tired, but happy to finish up that day. The rain held off, and I snapped a great picture.

While they mingled after practice, I walked over to the new White Water rafting center. OKC opened up this nearly $50 million facility in May, and we’ve already hosted the Olympic trials. It’s an amazing site, and I can’t wait to take some trips around.

On Friday night, after some of the guys and I hung out, had a beer and played darts, I walked over to the massive Hipster food truck festival H&8th, and was able to watch some of the Pro-Am Bike Races. OKC has a team not, the Tenacity. Watching the riders whiz by is a thrill, and I saw a wreck on the last lap of the final race. There were thousands and thousands of people out on a perfect night – good music, interesting sights and sounds, great food.

On Saturday night, Julie and drove over to the new 21C hotel that’s just about to open. We had a drink in the bar Mary Eddy’s. This hotel always has art in it, art you can visit like a gallery. Even though we weren’t dressed swanky, we felt like we were in an especially cool place downtown.

Remember how the Thunder lost to the Warriors? That’s not too bad. We’re doing fine. I ate pho twice. I listened to jazz a few nights at Slaugher’s Hall in Deep Deuce (and even requested A Night In Tunesia). We recently hosted American Ninja Warriors at the state capitol. The Women’s College World Series (#wcws) is in town. You’re doing fine OKC.

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us. Psalm 67:1

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