On Listening

Hearing GodI think I’m becoming charismatic on accident. It used to bother me so much when people talked about hearing from God or about how God told them to marry their husband or quit their job or blow their nose. I’d never heard God’s voice (and still haven’t in an audible way, though I’m more open to that happening) and I thought people were just crazy and mean and taking things too far.

But I was just enough jealous and curious to start looking into things. Of course, I had to check the bible first. I did a mental scan of the Book starting in Genesis, and I seemed to remember God chatting with Adam and Eve. But that’s different. They were the originals. Well, then he’s all over Abraham and Isaac. He and Moses have lots of fascinating conversations, and he speaks to judges and the prophets and the nation of Israel and pretty much anyone that would listen. He doesn’t always come for a chat via a burning bush or a sassy donkey. Sometimes he comes in dreams, and sometimes he uses the prophets as megaphones, but he seems to be quite interested in people hearing him. He tells them to listen, to listen to the words of the prophets, to listen to the Torah.

Then Jesus breaks in, and Jesus talked to everybody. We only have a tiny bit of his words written down. When he told the disciples he was leaving, they started flipping out because they loved talking to him so much, and he said don’t worry, My Father will send you the Holy Spirit. He’s awesome, and he’ll teach you lots of things. (My unholy paraphrase of John 14:26).

In conclusion, God wants people (me) to listen to him. Maybe you’re astonished at my slowness in accepting this.

Recently I went through something very painful and I needed to hear God. I begged him to speak to me. Not as his church, not as the masses, just me as Abby. Just me. And he met me. Me as an individual. He met me and gave me words that I needed to hear. He did this through the Bible, the radio, friends, some very random people, a Catholic website, church, and spontaneous verses that pop into my head out of nowhere.

I still think we probably shouldn’t say too many “God told me _____” The word of God is a serious thing, and we should be careful.

But we should also be expectant. We should ask him to talk to us, and we should learn the Bible so we can know what he thinks about everything.

God is on the move. He spoke to me today. Not all day, and not through fairies or donkeys or fiery bushes but he did speak to me. He spoke to me through a meditation (Look at Gideon’s life, Abby. He was weak, too, but he obeyed. Follow his example), a weird coincidence, (I am here Abby, I knew this was coming) and a perfectly placed scarlet cardinal in the midst of lush green trees, (I made the birds, Abby, I made your eyes to see color. Look at the contrast). I’m listening, God. Help me to hear.

Abby Lorenc