That Time I Felt Nervous On That Tour

Unknown-2My son Cal and I attended the OSU Scholar’s Day, which was a whole day designed to recruit high schoolers with high ACT scores to come to Stillwater for college. We were both impressed with the level of care and detail that went into the day. We’d come in the night before and attended OSU RUF, and Cal hung out with the students afterwards when they played volleyball together. We slept at a friend’s house and then got up for a long day of listening and touring and being recruited.

They had name tags and check in stations. They had OSU bags, water bottles and tshirts. They had information tables with people initiating conversations and answering questions. We met in the ballroom and heard from various speakers about why OSU is a great place and the place for us and there is no better place. The President spoke, and you can’t help but like him and believe in him.

We broke up into various tours by various majors and they had lunch all lined up and then they talked about financial aid and the enrollment process. It got a little late in the afternoon by the time we went on our walking tour with our tour guide.

In the whole day, the only thing that didn’t go right was this young woman didn’t know which door to enter into the dorm. I think that was because of homecoming construction but we tried door after door. It really only came down to 10 minutes or so, and it wasn’t her fault. But I was thinking about how I felt – I didn’t feel as confident.

Why was that?

I don’t think I expected the perfect day, and even if I had, they had delivered in spades. I don’t think I expected her to know everything. It’s okay to get the door wrong. We survived. I felt bad for her, because it was obvious that this wasn’t the plan and that she didn’t know what the plan was.

I was thinking about how many little things like that happen all the time. There are things that make us feel better and more confident and there are things that make us feel worse and less confident. Someone doesn’t know the answer. Someone doesn’t know which door. Someone doesn’t know why something happens. Someone doesn’t smile. Someone isn’t in. Some information or procedure or piece of furniture isn’t in the right place.

My point in posting isn’t to knock this woman. OSU did a fabulous job in the whole day long. The point is that I noticed how it made me feel, and yet that was still okay that day. It’s really impossible to take care of every single detail. OSU almost got them all. They really almost got them all. You could tell that they had really put in the time and effort to care extremely well down to the smallest details. So when they forgot one, it seemed all the more strange.

I guess we’ll see if it works with Cal or not. Where will he choose and why will he choose that school?

Headshot 2 Nicole Hager