These Are My People

Rodney Atkins has a song These Are My People:

imagesThese are my people – it’s where I come from

We’re living this life – everything we’ve got and then some

It ain’t always pretty but it’s real – It’s the way we were made – these are my people

We fall down and we get up – We walk proud and we walk tough

We’ve got heart and we’ve got nerve – Even if we are a bit disturbed

It’s not my favorite country song, but it hits something inside of me when it comes up on my Pandora One People Are Crazy station. It’s similar to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and I suppose The Avett Brother’s Salvation Song lyrics: We take everyone. Everyone is welcome.

I love City Pres. I love what we’ve got going on. I love the doubters and the Pharisees. I love the gay and straight, the young and old, the married and single and divorced, the kids and the geriatrics. I’d like to see more racial diversity. I love the gifts, talents and abilities. I love that I’m not a one man show, and that I get to be working with Bobby and the other staff. I love the worship – wow it’s amazing. That team learned a ton of songs in a short time, and they sing and lead them better than the originals. I love that there are visitors every week. I love that we’re trying as hard as we can to reach out to outsiders. I love that we’re involved in education, foster care, adoption, helping inner city kids, partnering with city builders, helping out church plants, telling our stories of rescue and inviting people to walk with Jesus with us. I love our heartbeat and our blood lines. I love going to our parties.

I hear pastors and ministers talk about how they don’t like their people. That’s not me. To this point at least, these are my people.