Emptied, Filled

It’s my week to do the blog, but though I’ve had starts of several, I find that in the press of the week of school beginning, I have little to form thoughts. So, I’ll share what I little I do have, a pair of prayers that have been somewhat constant, reminders both of my abject poverty, at once a need to have emptied and a need to have filled.

Emptied and filled; that’s all I have to offer and all I need.

Father, Empty me of all pride and cupidity, all anger and vainglory, all contempt of self and others, all envy, all scoffing, all of myself. Empty the space between me and thee, my pride and my folly, my self abnegation and exaltation, all that seeks to fill the gulf between you, Holy God, and me. Empty the space between me and others, filled with my comparisons and fears, my recriminations and judgments, my failures to love and be loved, all that keeps me from my neighbors, friends, spouse, enemy. Empty, Thou, me, Lord, for all this fullness in and out of myself, the filling and overflowing of a self centered on self ever even as it looks at others or to you. Forgive me for attempting by my efforts to fill up what is lacking, when only You, Lord, form me for yourself and desire to fill me, just as you formed the earth and filled it, just as you formed each beast of the field and bird of the air and filed them, just as formed all that you might fill it with your presence and glory in Triune perfection, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who suffers all and emptied Himself of all that He might fill all thugs and bring to completion the filling of the earth with your glory as the waters cover the sea, one God, now and forever, in Triune perfection of love and joy, world without end, amen and amen.

O Father fill me, fill the emptiness in me. Fill the emptiness between me and thee. Fill the emptiness between me and others. Fill this place where I am and where I am going, the places behind and before, those long gone and those yet to come. Those immediate and those distant.  Those years long lost yet not beyond your grace, those yet to come unknown but written well by you. Fill all as you say Christ has filled all. May I taste of that day, may I be to others that day, when the glory of The Lord fills the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Doug Serven