Corners Of My Mind

Bread crumbs pile revealing paths well worn
Feelings aggregate, attempting to mourn
A rut of responses plow a maze of fears
Surrendering to patterns formed by years

Aware of steps that inevitably lead
Where the air is tepid and lies can feed
The way-hypnotic-too easy to find
Down the long hall to the corners of my mind

Here I’m greeted by projections of me
A crowd of impostors each with a key
Some hoisting a scale, they love to keep score
Adeptly convincing, I deserve more

From one extreme like a pendulum swing
Magnetized without thinking, a need to cling
Unlovable, unwanted seep in deep
Broken beyond use, a self-absorbed heap

By bonds of binary corners are bound
Dimensions transcending, oh, to be found
Why diametric when I’m made from three
A vision of life lived more fearlessly

Present to feel joy and present to feel pain
Meaning and beauty define the mundane
No need to climb, compare or wallow
Day not governed by checklists to follow

Humbly accepting that lines can be blurred
Poised to listen not stomping to be heard
Accusations usurped by contrition
Ruts of reaction now named intention

With this grand vision in my head ringing
From the dark corners I come out swinging
Tired of the lies, tired of defending
Aware of relationships that need mending

This path, unfamiliar, harder to find
Losing my momentum, I look behind
Ahead, a flicker of eternity
Circuitous way towards Trinity

Doug Serven