The Importance Of Adventure

We hightailed it out of town two days ago and no one knew where we were going except me.  There was about a two hour car ride in front of us so I was trying to get some good family conversation going.  Karsten likes to have everything lined out for him and needs to know the reasoning behind it. He had asked Kristin who was coming over to watch him Saturday evening.  After she had explained it all to him he asked, “But why is Dad taking you somewhere when you already love each other?”

I wish it was that simple and I think most men would agree.  It would be pretty nice to “already love each other” all the time and never have to fight for it.  The truth of the matter is, that couldn’t be any further from reality. Mike and Victoria have been warning us about the importance of date night for the last eight years.  I’ll just be honest and say it is difficult. Perhaps the most difficult part is being intentional and unique in what I choose to do.

So once we reached our destination, the boys had figured out that we were staying in a cabin.  This got them both fired up. Ever been to Jet, Oklahoma? Well you don’t see much until you get there.  Traveling in the Northwestern part of the state doesn’t offer much for someone who likes views. Once you get there, the scenery ripens quite a bit.  We stayed in a cabin, roasted s’mores over a campfire, and dug about as many Selenite crystals out of the Great Salt Plains as we could manage. My kids love adventure.  The problem is, my wife does as well. It’s easy to appease my children and get them excited about something, even if it isn’t as grand as the adventure we just experienced.

I used to be better at it; we had all kinds of adventures, went fun places, and I was creative.  It seems to me that it is important to take my family and my wife on dates, but my wife is the one that suffers the most.  I don’t want to be sitting together twenty years from now when the kids are gone wondering what we are supposed to do together.  I guess to answer Karsten’s original question, loving your wife means quite a bit more than I make of it. Women need to be romanced and pursued.  When I signed up for it almost a decade ago I didn’t realize what type of commitment this would take and now realize I have a long way to go. Either way, it is worth fighting for.  Our wives, significant others, and families need adventures and they need them consistently. Here’s to fighting for something most people don’t.

Doug Serven