Beautiful and Believable


The church has been the center of some of the greatest artistic expression for well over three thousand years. Because of this, I think it’s appropriate for us to talk briefly about why City Pres is endeavoring to allow art to serve their body and how we hope to see this evolve.

One of the things at stake within the Church today is its communal character. Our modern culture elevates the individual, private life above many areas of life. It’s easy to see how “me” centered we have become, but Christianity is about us. It’s about a people who, although diverse, are integrally connected by bonds that are deep and strong.

As I begin working as an artist with City Pres, one of my prayers is that God would allow our efforts of making City Pres beautiful through art to “resist individualism and strengthen the communal aspect of worship, to somehow help us realize a corporate identity.”

It’s my hope as I begin working alongside City Pres that the images created would be born out of the character and identity of the entire congregation.