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Restore OKC


RestoreOKC is an outreach arm of ministries connected to City Pres. RestoreOKC seeks to draw together the entire body of Christ in Oklahoma City in order to mobilize the human, financial, and spiritual resources of many churches, students, and businesses in the area to manifest God’s love to the poor and oppressed in our city and see the Kingdom of God established.

Our core values for RestoreOKC include:

  • Seeking justice on behalf of the poor, oppressed, widow, and fatherless 

  • Freely expressing God’s mercy by sharing our lives and resources to seek restoration alongside our brothers and sisters in some of OKC’s poorest neighborhoods

  • Humbly acknowledging the complexities of injustice, the roles we play in it, and its systemic effect so that we can build relationships of true reconciliation

Where We Work and Why

We believe that God intends for the church to display his commitment to reconcile all things to himself in a culture that does the opposite. The majority culture church has been historically complicit in the oppression of African American brothers and sisters. It has also failed to consistently stand alongside those in minority communities in times of need. Our desire is to make a demonstrated commitment to repent and seek justice and mercy together.

The NE OKC area is marked by high percentages of discrimination and poverty, and the multitude of issues that stem from them. A few statistics for the community in which we are based include:

  • More than 80% of the zip code is comprised of single-parent households

  • Median household income is less than $25,000 per year

  • More than 60% of children live below the poverty line

  • Low high school graduation rate and failing schools

  • High crime and violence [homicide rate 8 times the city average]

  • Significant percentages of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in youths and adults



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 We long to worship together

City Pres meets every Sunday at 10 a.m. and every other Sunday at 2 p.m. to worship Jesus together. Come join us at 829 NW 13th Street (at the corner of NW 13th and Shartel). Here’s a video with driving directions from NW 13th. Here’s a video with driving directions from 23rd and Classen.

Every worship service in every church has a structure, so of course ours does as well. We sing historic hymns set to new music, but we also love great new hymns and choruses too. We hear from God’s Holy Word. We take the Lord’s Supper every week because we believe this is a sign in which Jesus spiritually meets with us in a physical way. God sends us out on mission with his blessing called the benediction. We’re trying to connect historic practices with Oklahoma City today. You might find many things unfamiliar, but we want you to feel invited into this, so God can speak to you and you can respond to him.

  • People wear whatever is comfortable. You may see a few jackets and ties, but not many. People wear shorts and hats and sandals and skirts and dresses and just about anything. We’ll be glad you’re there.

  • We have a CityKids time during the service for the younger children to get some great Bible teaching on their level. We think children are valuable members of our church community, so they’re invited to stay. You’ll hear squirming and sometimes screaming. We love it, and you’ll get used to it.

  • If you’d like more information about the songs we sing, about our worship service, or if you’d like to help us lead music or take a prelude or postlude, we’d love to have you join in. We’re also looking for those who could help us with the sound system or are interested in learning how run it. Please contact Brenden Gateley at



Kids + youth

Our children’s program strives to care for children safely and with excellence. We have an online check-in system, and all of our workers have been through Ministry Safe training. We’re also certified by GRACE awareness training. If you have any questions about the nursery, please contact our nursery coordinator at If you have questions about any of our children’s ministries, contact our children’s coordinator Mallory Carter at


We want our kids to love God, love people, and love the city, too. We want them to love the church! We aim to treat children with respect and dignity, and we also want to give parents the option of a safe place for their kids. While children are invited to join with us in worship, the nursery is also always an option for them (and for you).

All children up to age four are welcome to our nursery during the service. We have a designated room for babies and another for toddlers. We strive to teach our kids about Jesus. We use fantastic curriculum like the Jesus Storybook Bible.

City Kids

Jesus welcomed children into his presence. Jesus treasured kids as examples for grownups to follow in humble love and unashamed reliance on the grace of our heavenly Father. And Jesus’ church embraces children as members in his visible body through the promises of God extended to Christian families. We want our church to be a place of love, security, playfulness, and growth for all ages.

CityKids meet for their own worship time during the sermon on Sunday mornings.

During the summer, we host an amazing Vacation Bible School; we also meet for a Summer Learning Series in July, with fun activities for all ages.

PYRETICS Youth Group

Our young people need real community. They are busy and connected individuals, but we want to engage with them as well. They have stories, and their stories are important! We don’t want to always segment them off or communicate that church isn’t for them. We also want them to form great memories of the crazy and great things they did with their friends at church. We want them to feel loved and included. We want them to serve and remember that life is bigger than themselves. We want them to know and love God without relying on their parents’ faith. We want them to believe and grow and flourish into men and women of God.

We organize events and parties throughout the year so the youth can see each other and invite their friends.

For more information, contact Jarod Mason at



So many people in our city try to live life unconnected and alone. CityGroups are our small groups which help us break that pattern by promoting a gracious (yet messy) community. This is how we want to love people. We care for each other, pray together, discuss the Bible, serve our city, and invite people into our homes and lives.

All are welcome to our CityGroups. Some have never read the Bible and some read it every day. We’ve prayed for deep and personal things in people’s lives, and just shared updates on how we’re doing and what’s going on. We’ve celebrated engagements, mourned breakups, visited schools and hospitals, and babysat kids. No one has to have “arrived” in order to come—we’re walking together with Jesus in all of life. We are telling our stories of rescue as they are happening. Our CityGroups meet throughout the week and throughout the city. We meet from September through May and take a break during the summer months and start meeting in September.

Other ways we fellowship together include:

Roosta Palooza Memorial Day Picnic
Vacation Bible School
Men’s and Women’s Breakfasts
Men’s and Women’s Retreats
Hymn Sings 
Speaker Series — Summer Learning Series
Annual Christmas Party
Grief and Remembrance Service
Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Christmas Eve Services
Service Projects
City Pres Work Days
Summer Book Club
Women’s Bible Studies
Youth Retreats and Summer Camps



We want to use our building generously. We believe our building should be a gracious, friendly hub of activity in the neighborhood and city. Our building has hosted many events in the short time we’ve owned it. We’ve hosted graduations, baccalaureates, town hall meetings, concerts, retreats, AA meetings, and recitals, to name a few.

Our building dates back to 1920 with Park Congregational Church, which soon became Pilgrim Congregational Church and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. From 1989 to 2014, it was used for various commercial purposes. City Pres purchased the building in 2014 and held our first worship service Easter Sunday, 2015.

If you’re interested in using our building, please contact Matt Teeselink at

At City Pres, we believe that throwing good parties is a part of kingdom living. That desire fuels our passion especially for weddings. We think your day should be fun, memorable, special, and honoring. Our goal is for you to begin your marriage confident in God’s love for you as individuals and as two who have become one.

For information please contact our wedding coordinator, Laura Thurman at